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Winter Coats & Car Seats Make a Dangerous Combination

When the temperatures start dropping, we all want to rush to bundle up our little ones to keep them warm.  Crash test videos featured last week on the Today Show, however, reveal why we should be hesitant to mix those bulky winter coats with kids in car seats.  Because bulky coats are compressed in a car crash, the result is very loose harness straps.  The video below shows how that compression effect can result in kids actually coming out of their harness straps, resulting in serious injury.

Instead of putting heavy coats on your kids when they’re in the car, you can keep a blanket in your vehicle to cover kids (over their car seat harness) or put their coats on them back over the car seat harness.  The key is that you don’t want to put anything extra or bulky between the child and the car seat straps other than their normal clothes.

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